Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape


To get away from the way you would normally do it: Take a different route to work. If you’re a runner, go do a hike. If you paddle ocean kayaks, escape to some big whitewater on your closest mean river… If you normally take crisp clear photos with good tonality and white balance – escape into the world of modified black and white.

Escape is to most crucial survival skill of the modern world.

This is my contribution for the weekly challenge: Escape


About Franz Fuls

Adventurer Freelance Journalist Photographer Bunny Hugger Engineer January 2014 I depart on a 2,500km eco-expedition called Triwaters Tour. The website link is in my profile. Go check it out.

14 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

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    • Its a rock climber going up a steep rockface, at Waterval Boven, South Africa – one of the best climbing venues in the world.
      I got a bit creative with the editing πŸ™‚ Do you think I overdid it?

  2. I love the idea of Escape being summed up by doing something different from the norm, great photo and great take on this weeks photo challenge πŸ™‚ P.S, I like photography as an art form, some may look at this photo and see the geology of the rock more clearly, some may look at it and think it’s too arty, but I like the tonal changes and the look of it, like it’s been dusted with icing sugar, it’s a great photo and I don’t think you over did it at all, it was a photo in my reader that was arresting enough to bring me here for a closer look after all!

    • Thanks Nannaprawn! The icing sugar ‘dusting’ is actually lichen growing on the rock – makes for interesting highlights when you start playing in B&W. I appreciate your comments.

  3. […] Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape | The Trailblazer Guide […]

  4. Good shot, Franz! And a nice choice for the theme.

  5. Interesting interpretation! πŸ™‚

  6. Great image, and interesting take on the challenge!

  7. […] Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape | The Trailblazer Guide […]

  8. […] Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape | The Trailblazer Guide […]

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