Calling all prospective adventurers!

Trailblazerguide is doing some research!

Adventure guides offer something different to their clients. With them you will not get the accompanied tour of the White House or the Streetside Cafes of France. To the contrary when these guys are done with you, you would have experienced an elevated heart rate, gotten wet or dirty (at least sweaty) and have experienced something that only a select few travelers ever do. Good guides and guiding companies do a considerable amount of effort behind the scenes, sometimes late into the night to make sure that your experience is exceptional and that you go home safe.

They care about your experience: The most important thing for them is that you go home as a happy client. Its however not always easy for them to know what you want. Now you can tell them, and I’m sure the guys that are worth it will listen!

Please answer the questions below. If you feel you have more to add, don’t hesitate, post a comment at the bottom of this post! Were looking forward to hear from you!

This poll closes on Monday 27 June, don’t be late!

If you are a professional adventure guide we want to hear from you too. Please click here.

The poll is now officially closed. For the results, analyses and further comments, please visit the Analysis Post. We will run more polls in the future, giving an opportunity for guides to better understand their clients, and vice versa.


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  1. I would love to hear from you. What guided adventures have you been on? Did you get what yo expected? Would you do it again?

  2. This post is now being closed for comments. Very soon I will publish comments and analysis!

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