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New page: Online Traders

When an adventurer decides to leave the professional guides to their own devices and to do it his own way, the first thing he needs is gear… lots of gear. trailblazerguide.com has been doing some searching and credibility checks for you to save you time, and will continue doing so into the future.

To assist you we have updated our page on online traders!

We are listing free of charge (for the time being), but with strict conditions. The listed traders have been verified and comply to the following criteria:

  • We have personally visited or purchased from them (very few of these).

OR (in most cases…):

  • The trader has a phone number and physical address published on their site, and their WHOIS details are not hidden.
  • We prefer traders who are privately owned, and have a retail shop in real life where you can walk in.

Now some of the listed online traders are exclusively online, and some of them are chain stores. As the list grows with privately owned stores these traders (except if they ask nicely and have some kind of personal support other than a contact form or email address). If you own an online store and want to be listed, please contact us.

Now if you trade with ANY of these stores and they give you bad service, we want to hear from you. Below the list of traders there is a place to comment. State your issue, and we will do what we can to try resolve the issue for you. Please be nice about it, we don’t want defamation cases now, don’t we?

If an online trader has gone above and beyond the call of duty we want to hear about it too!

Please guys, no spam. If the list gets flooded with spam I will simply close the comments.

Happy shopping!

Note: We verify. We don’t endorse. trailblazerguide will not take responsibility if things go wrong with your online deals, whatever the cause. You use our referrals at your own risk and should take the necessary precautions when trading online.

About Franz Fuls

Adventurer Freelance Journalist Photographer Bunny Hugger Engineer January 2014 I depart on a 2,500km eco-expedition called Triwaters Tour. The website link is in my profile. Go check it out.

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