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Climbing Free: Book review

I’ve been climbing for almost two decades now. I do it for pleasure and for the challenge. I never progressed into serious grades but I honestly don’t care. For me its all about the passion, the camaraderie, and the opportunity to challenge limits. Little did I know at the time when I climbed into my first harness that a young women called Lynn Hill was firing up the world, setting a new record. After many legendary climbers tried and failed, Lynn was the first person ever to free climb The Nose, and she did it in one day!

I guess Lynn Hill would agree with my philosophy, but where I get distracted by all the other adventures out there, she has focused and dedicated her life to rock climbing. In her autobiography Climbing Free she gives us a unique insider’s view on her illustrious career and the close knit climbing communities of Yosemite and other crags…

She started climbing as a teenager when her sister and her fiancee took Lynn on her first climbing trip.  Lynn started lead climbing from her first day on the rock.

Her account of her record breaking first free ascent of The Nose on El Capitan grips you and your fingers starts sweating so much that you instinctively reach for your chalk bag! She takes you through the lifestyle of the Yosemite climbing community and introduce you to many of the great climbing legends of all time.

What I appreciate most about the book is Lynn’s honesty. She cannot hide her passion for climbing, but does not over-romanticize it either. She confronts her readers with the tough decisions and sacrifices she had to make for her climbing passion, and takes you with her on her struggle to finance her climbing lifestyle.

Lynn is still climbing today, and is an ambassador for Patagonia. You may also find her running, skiing, and involved in community upliftment and conservation of the vertical world.

Climbing Free is a must read for all adventurers and bookworms.

You can get your hands on it at http://www.amazon.com/Climbing-Free-Life-Vertical-World/dp/0393324338

or get a signed copy here: http://www.lynnhillclimbing.com/


Post by Franz Fuls 8 May 2013.


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