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Expedition: Quebec, Canada

Troy Glover is no ordinary expedition hunter:

He is a 24 year old adventurer, educator, art & science teacher, photographer, and kayaker with a passion for remote communities and settings and for learning what it takes to be in these places. He has traveled extensively throughout Canada’s north by foot, canoe, kayak, cycle, and by car. For those communities which can be driven to it often involves driving on the most remote roads this continent has to offer. Troy spends his days promoting equality within First Nations and Northern communities. This includes equality in education, equality between different cultures, and equality in basic human rights.

Troy lives out his passions through his employer, the Cree School Board, and through adventure. He has interests in photography, the arts, and a strong interest in First Nations culture and people.

“To open oneself to another’s perspective is fundamental in promoting and developing equality and understanding between different groups of people. When you transplant yourself into their communities and culture as I have done, it forces you to see as they do.”

The Wemindji Chisasibi Expedition

Greater view of the expedition location.

Greater view of the expedition location.

Detail google earth view of the expedition.

Detail google earth view of the expedition.

Instead of taking a plane, or the harsh 264 kilometer road trip connecting the Cree villages of Wemindji and Chisasibi, Troy chose a kayak as his preferred mode of transport. At least his friend Ali is keeping him company, so it’s not a solo trip!

Connecting the two villages via James Bay with a kayak is an estimated 147 kilometers (79.5 nautical miles). Yesterday (30 June 2013) trailblazerguide.com exchanged emails with Troy. He was then on day two of the expedition, 20 kilometers into the trip, camping it out while waiting for 6-7 foot breaking waves to settle. At least he has awe-inspiring ice bergs drifting by to keep him busy with!

Troy will be out of reception for a while, but you can follow his progress on his blog: trayban.com Click the link and follow him! He will appreciate encouraging comments on his posts, no doubt.

On his return Troy promised us a report on his trip, and we are very excited to welcome him into the trailblazerguide fold!

Until then we wish Troy and Ali a safe paddle and a successful voyage!

by Franz Fuls extracts from trayban.com with permission from Troy Glover.


About Franz Fuls

Adventurer Freelance Journalist Photographer Bunny Hugger Engineer January 2014 I depart on a 2,500km eco-expedition called Triwaters Tour. The website link is in my profile. Go check it out.

One comment on “Expedition: Quebec, Canada

  1. Very exciting! We need more of this to recognize the heritage left by the first people of each area, and the responsibility of the effluent communities not to destroy in under the name of development.

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