Senqu River Expedition

Jurie and Devon

Two intrepid adventurers  will follow the Senqu River from its source to the South African border, planned to start on 24 November 2013.

Jurie Pohl and Devon Flanagan will perform this feat with the help of a support crew. The first phase will be a hike/run until they can fit a kayak into the river. Depending on water levels they intend to primarily use kayaks, yet they will not be deterred if the seasonal rains arrive late in Lesotho – in that case they will simply run the 520 kilometers (320 miles) to the border! If they run they will do it in a relay, changing places with their support crew every 100 kilometers (62 miles)!

Theirs is not a mere hedonistic adventure. They are raising funds for SALT (The Spirit of Adventure Leadership Trust), a non-profit that engages the youth on social upliftment and leadership development. Salt focuses on the previously disadvantaged youth in South Africa’s Kwazulu-Natal Province.

Over the next few days The Trailblazer Guide will send you updates on their plans.

Sponsors are welcome.


Contact the team.


About Franz Fuls

Adventurer Freelance Journalist Photographer Bunny Hugger Engineer January 2014 I depart on a 2,500km eco-expedition called Triwaters Tour. The website link is in my profile. Go check it out.

9 comments on “Senqu River Expedition

  1. These boys are real trailblazers, love what there doing…!

  2. […] After being given a lot more responsibility and the challenges that go with them, I was approached by Jurie, the Camp Director (who picked me, since I was the only one willing and crazy enough to accompany him) to get involved with a project that would stretch both of us to our limits. He wanted us to run the entire Senqu River (520km in total). […]

  3. […] to battle through. My passion for the Drakensberg / Lesotho highlands is undying, and to be able to undertake a never before done expedition down one of Africa’s prime Rivers, through some of Africa’s most spectacular wilderness, and to have the privilege of doing this […]

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  5. […] Original Trailblazerguide announcement of the Senqu Expedition […]

  6. […] Senqu River Expedition […]

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