Senqu Expedition Explained

paddling the Senqu

Jurie and Devon paddling on the Senqu River

We will be transecting the whole of Lesotho, from the North to the south, hugging the Senqu River from its source in the Mnweni region of the Drakensberg, to the southern border where the Senqu changes its name to the Orange River. We will run the first 100km and in Mokhotlong, be supplied with kayaks and support equipment. From there we will paddle 434km to the southern border.

Our plan is to start the expedition on 24 November 2013

We will be doing our final RECCE of the area on the 6th of November. If the water levels are too low to paddle the river, we will run the 520km on foot.

The Lesotho Highlands have been the choice of environment as it hosts a multitude of challenges and surprises that would have to be scaled. All our training and expertise will be challenged and we will personally only gain from it, a great soul-searching experience and possibly the opportunity to share the “adventure” with SALT (Spirit of Adventure Leadership Turst) groups and bring forth multiple lessons that SALT sponsored students could learn from, and be encouraged by.

It is not an easy feat, but neither is SALT’s mission, and we are excited and honored to be undertaking this expedition for as noble an organization as SALT.

by Jurie Pohl

Some of the preparation leading to this expedition:

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More on SALT to follow soon… Franz Fuls

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