Senqu Run – why we do it

Paddling a section of the Senqu

Paddling a section of the Senqu

Most of the team that is involved with this endeavor have had experience with the NPO we are representing. I have personally benefitted from SALT and have been greatly encouraged by the fruit that has been harvested from the students that have been sponsored to come on leadership courses. I believe in the Corporate environment of South Africa we all know that we need to be investing into the future generation of this South Africa. The quality of Education is not exactly amazing, and I cannot foresee it changing in the near future. Our youth are becoming increasingly hopeless and discouraged, demotivated by leadership that they believe is immoral and unjust. I know this as I have met over 40000 students in the last 6 years and have had many discussions about the future of our country. It is simpler for the more affluent sectors of our society, but for the less privileged, it is becoming more and more of a struggle to believe in themselves, and pretty much everything and everyone around them.

SALT is a Non-profit Organization (NPO) that was established by an incredibly dynamic, capable and well experienced team of people that saw a desperate need, and gave of their time and energy to develop a program in which the less privileged could be brought into an environment that was energetic, positive, caring and stretching. SALT is truly incredible at envisioning youth that have no sure future. SALT develops the character of the individual and encourages greatness and positive thinking in those that are often without hope. It installs self-worth and builds confidence in the person, and these are the foundational building blocks of any and all leaders! SALT delivers world class leadership theory that up to now, could only be afforded by the more affluent educational institutions, into rural and previously disadvantaged educational establishments. Through well trained and experienced personnel, SALT then uses multiple different practical objectives and activities to further concrete the theory and make it more applicable and relative to the students. Apart from the developmental theory, all the activities are designed to break barriers in the individual, strengthen morale and morals, encourage and motivate and build inter team trust and communication. I am yet to see a SALT funded student leave one of the SALT courses unchanged.

What is the point? Leadership starts at home, and in the heart. Our generation defines what the next generation will become, and if we do not start implementing measures that will better the chances of success in our youth, everything we know and hold dear about this country, is sure to collapse! The more affluent groups already have the opportunities to be developed as leaders, but the majority will always rule the nation, and the majority of our nation do not have the opportunities to be developed as moral, capable, trust worthy leaders! SALT is a mechanism through which our generation can invest into the future of the leadership of our country, not merely corporately, but governmentally! What is so amazing about SALT, is that there is immediate and visible change within the individuals. It is an investment that pays off quickly! Now the less privileged have the opportunity to be invited on multiple courses where they can be developed as individuals and as leaders. We want change, we want surety for our future, we want good leadership for our children, we want equality. SALT is one of the mechanisms through which these wishes can become a reality.

Having explained more about SALT, it has been the heart of myself and my partner (Devon Flanagan) to raise awareness and funding for SALT, and understandably so! This is the reason for us undertaking something out of the ordinary, something both extremely daunting, and yet possible. We are undertaking a project that parallels what SALT is equipped to do. Daunting, yet possible!

The expedition / project in a nutshell:
We will be transecting the whole of Lesotho, from the North to the south, hugging the Senqu River from its source in the Mnweni region of the Drakensberg, to the southern border where the Senqu changes its name to the Orange River. We will run the first 100km and in Mokhotlong, be supplied with kayaks and support equipment. From there we will paddle 434km to the southern border. We will be doing our final RECCE of the area on the 6th of November. If the water levels are too low to paddle the river, we will run the 520km on foot. The Lesotho Highlands have been the choice of environment as it hosts a multitude of challenges and surprises that would have to be scaled. All our training and expertise will be challenged and we will personally only gain from it, a great (souls searching) experience and possibly the opportunity to share the “adventure” with SALT groups and bring forth multiple lessons that SALT sponsored students could learn from, and be encouraged by.

It is not an easy feat, but neither is SALT’s mission, and we are excited and honored to be undertaking this expedition for as noble an organization as SALT.

by Jurie Pohl

for more on the expedition:

Check out the planned trip on google earth. Download the file, and load it into your Google Earth Installation. Link may be available only temporarily.

Explanation of the expedition

Original Trailblazerguide announcement of the Senqu Expedition

Jurie Pohl

Devon Flanagan



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