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Senqu Expedition: Final Planning

Jurie and Devon at the recent Senqu scout

Jurie and Devon at the recent Senqu scout

Jurie and Devon is hard at work finalising their expedition. Latest news is that they moved the start date: “We will be heading out on the 14th of December and hopefully be alive to see the sunrise on the morning of the 28th. Xmas on the Senqu River!”

Although the trip is slightly delayed, the team was not idle. The spent good time with well-known and experienced paddler Mark McLeod who hosted them for a weekend. They scouted the Senqu River together, and came to the conclusion that their best bet is a two-seater expedition kayak.

Hosts Mark and Nicky McLeod

Hosts Mark and Nicky McLeod

Panoramic view of the Senqu River

Panoramic view of the Senqu River


The team has gained the support of great sponsors to help them achieve their goals. Jurie and Devon are super psyched and appreciates the incredible support they are receiving.  Here they are, in no particular order:

ProFit LogoPro-Fit assisted the team with conditioning their bodies for the expedition. If you are in Durban area, go say hi to them at Shop 8, Baileys Centre, 2 Builders Way, Hillcrest. Cameron Carey, Owner of pro-fit: “I met Jurie who explained to me his need for preparing for this amazing expedition.I in turn developed a customised training system for him to train through in order for him to ready his body for the unpredictable challenges that await him and devon in this expedition.

First Ascent Logo

Stacey Rehbock from First Ascent: “Jurie and Devon have First Ascent in their blood, and know that good gear works when you need it, so we decided to help them with this expedition. 


Rudi Clark, owner of Spirit of Adventure, and Chairman of SALT:

As a sponsor (Spirit of Adventure), we know that Jurie and Devon have a passion for these types of activities. The expedition aligns itself well with our organisation and what we aim to achieve through the work we do with both youth and adults. The success of this expedition would not only bring great exposure to Jurie and Devon, but also to Spirit of Adventure as a brand.

As a beneficiary (SALT), we are very pleased as a newly formed Trust to be receiving this kind of exposure and support from Jurie and Devon. The exposure, will hopefully draw the attention of donors who will hopefully give financial support to this good cause. Through the efforts of Jurie and Devon we could see many young lives benefitting from the work of SALT.

The Trailblazer Guide knows that they have more sponsors, and will tell you about them when we receive more info from these sponsors.

Want to know how this all started? Check out the links below:

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