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Mme Anna’s BnB, Semenyane Village

My (Stephen) Day 5 was not very long, a 3 hour drive from where we camped along the Senqu and Matabeng rivers, to the Semenyane Village, where Mme Anna was most amazingly hospitable, allowing me to camp by her BnB for free.

Mme Anna's BnB, currently under renovation :)

Mme Anna’s BnB, currently under renovation 🙂

The next morning, after refusing payment or gifts she tried to offer me some food for the road, it was amazing how much heart they had, if i ever drive through Lesotho again i will deffinately try to come visit.

The stay even came with company…

My Friend for the day.

My Friend for the day.



About jurie pohl

Life is what you make of it. I spend as much time as humanly possible, off the beaten track. where I do not have a choice though, I stay on the track. most of these tracks are within the Drakensberg World Heritage Site. I have been hiking and leading groups professionally for 6 years and have got well over a thousand hours under the belt. I have done more Passes and solo-expeditions than I can recall, most notably of them, the Grand Traverse. The Senqu expedition was an adventure I could simply not negate. I am sure however, that it will not be the last time I undertake a grand venture and am in fact, already dreaming of the next exploratory challenge! Milk it while you can!

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