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Trailblazer Senqu SALT Expedition: Paddling day 7

Day 7 was another winner day for Devon and Jurie.  The river was kind and they pushed hard. Covering a further 57km. This puts them roughly 95 km from the finish at Tella Bridge (A2) over the Senqu river.  The hope is that they will be finished early Christmas afternoon.  Their current pace has them almost a day and a half ahead of schedule, with the finished planed to leave them with 2 days to spare. Several big rivers enter the lower end of the Senqu, these greatly bolstering flow.

Jurie (front) and Devon power through a rapid at the start of Day 7 of the Expedition.

Jurie (front) and Devon power through a rapid at the start of Day 7 of the Expedition.

Day 8 see’s the guys put in a 48 or more km leg with the objective to, as always, cover as much ground as possible. If they can cover 48 or more kilometres today, they should be able to finish by tomorrow afternoon. Which would see them finish 2 days ahead of schedule. So hopefully Christmas party at the Tella Bridge border. Thankfully the closing time has been extended for the 24th and 25th, so we can still exit if we run late.


About jurie pohl

Life is what you make of it. I spend as much time as humanly possible, off the beaten track. where I do not have a choice though, I stay on the track. most of these tracks are within the Drakensberg World Heritage Site. I have been hiking and leading groups professionally for 6 years and have got well over a thousand hours under the belt. I have done more Passes and solo-expeditions than I can recall, most notably of them, the Grand Traverse. The Senqu expedition was an adventure I could simply not negate. I am sure however, that it will not be the last time I undertake a grand venture and am in fact, already dreaming of the next exploratory challenge! Milk it while you can!

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