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Happy birthday Trailblazer Guide!


The Trailblazer Guide is now officially one year old!

It has been an interesting year, with great stories on adventure. I also did some analysis, philosophy and a bit of investigation into adventure, and the adventure industry. The Trailblazer Guide is well on its way to becoming a great resource on adventure. Let’s looks at some achievements of the year:

With 100% organic growth we achieved just under 6,000 hits to the web page – not breaking records at all, but still something to be proud of. Most traffic came from South Africa, but 22% of traffic came out of the USA and Canada. Europe and Australia also has good representation. China, the Middle East, North Africa and North Korea doesn’t care much about the site.

Here’s some photos from the stories of the year:

The post creating the most traffic was a story about a dam wall, throwing out bait to see if anyone would be daring enough to run it in a kayak! Stories with polls also did great, like this one on the preparedness of adventurers for an emergency and analysed risk in adventure, like this story on children in high risk activities.

The Trailblazer Guide followed Sheena O’Connell as she learned the art of white water kayaking. Sheena is now a strong intermediate paddler, and will undoubtedly leave her mark in the sport. Later this year the doccie will land on Vimeo.

Over December 2013 Jurie and Devon did an expedition on the Senqu River for the Spirit of Adventure Leadership Trust. The Trailblazer Guide was honoured to be a platform for keeping their followers informed of their day-to-day activities.

Later videos started appearing and the Vimeo version of the Trailblazer Guide was born, covering general adventure and extreme sport events.

It was a great year, and the coming one promises to be more rad and increasingly exciting.

A warm thanks to everyone that follow us for your support, for clinking, liking, tweeting and sharing the stories!

A big hearty thanks for the following blogger and sites that referred traffic to the Trailblazer Guide:














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