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Swindled in South Africa

by Franz Fuls

Have you ever been screwed-over online?

Buying something with great expectation and then starting the long wait for nothing. Eventually you email the online shop and CRAP! The email address does not exist. As you check your credit card account you notice multiple smallish payments that have reduced your credit card to a nagging hungry child.

You have been swindled!

The Scare

Kayaking and niche adventure sport gear is hard to come by in South Africa. Especially on short notice. I had that swindling feeling when my colleague started shopping for booties a few weeks ago. The best deal he found, and one of the few South African online shops that actually stocked any booties went by the dodgy name of SWINDLE.CO.ZA

I warned him that I also have the ability to pull a Billabong logo from the web, loading it to my web page and call myself  logo Really, it is not that difficult. He agreed, but was really desperate for those booties.

Bona fide swindling?

So I did what I always do in situations like this, and gave them a WHOIS search. Suddenly these boys started looking more legit. They even had the phone number for the guy who registered the website. So we phoned the guy. Kevin Kolesky is the most obnoxious website registrant I have ever met on the web, and I will never make use of his services. But he checked out, so that’s great.

Next we decided to ask SWINDLE.CO.ZA for fitment advice on their booties. WHAMMY! They responded like lightning from a Billabong email address, something more difficult to fake. After some suggestions and advice from their support crew we decide these guys are bona fide and took a leap of faith.

Leap of faith

Since the price was great and the credit card not mine, I told my colleague to buy me some booties too! He placed the order and the nervous wait began.

To our surprise the delivery took about 48 hours. Now this is amazing: Ordered, payment verified, and delivered in 48 hours – to a remote location on the other side of South Africa!

Viva Swindle!

I am stoked. SWINDLE.CO.ZA is arguably the biggest online gem of the decade! Their user interface is legit. Their credentials check out. They actually stock what they sell. The site is easy to navigate. Getting support is easy, fast and efficient.

I just hope they start stocking more white water kayak gear so they can beswindle me more often!


This is an unsolicited endorsement. These guys did not pay me a penny to write this.




About Franz Fuls

Adventurer Freelance Journalist Photographer Bunny Hugger Engineer January 2014 I depart on a 2,500km eco-expedition called Triwaters Tour. The website link is in my profile. Go check it out.

One comment on “Swindled in South Africa

  1. […] When I told Egon Herrmann about my planned Ash river trip he was psyched. And worried. The Ash has a reputation for cold water, plus we are going mid-winter. He started a frantic online search, and ordered booties from swindle.co.za. Under sheer peer pressure I also bought a set. Read about this strangely named über awesome online shop here. […]

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