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Creative Commons License

content on trailblazerguide.com by trailblazerguide.com and respective authors or creators is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License
Based on a work at http://trailblazerguide.com/.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at http://trailblazerguide.com/copyright/ ‎.

The above license requirements may be changed for specific pieces, to comply with a third party’s licensing requirements. In such a case the licence requirements will be clearly stipulated in the work. An example of this is where music is shared under a ‘share-alike’ license, and using it as a soundtrack to a youtube video.

All content of this blog is strictly copyrighted to trailblazerguide.com, except where otherwise stated.

Respective trailblazers (collaborators on this site) retain copyright of their own work, and give trailblazerguide.com permission to use their work and republish it within the organization’s  own media channels. The respective trailblazers (collaborators to this site) warrant that their work, including photographs and other media, is their own, or that they have permission to use it on this site.

Regardless of the creative commons license requirements you may and are encouraged to share our work:

  • through a hyperlink to trailblazerguide.com, or
  • only in its original format and appearance
  • on social media (facebook, twitter, etc)
  • only for non-commercial purposes

Regardless of the creative commons license requirements you may NOT share our work:

  • in a modified form (change of content and/or appearance) except where explicity allowed to.
  • for any commercial purpose…

except if you have received formal permission from an authorised representative of  trailblazerguide.com 

Trailblazers (the collaborators on the site) may republish their own work at will and as they please, on condition that they notify trailblazerguide.com of all instances where they share their work and provide a link back to trailblazerguide.com

If you have any doubt about how you are allowed to use our work, please contact us. You will find us quite reasonable.

Please report any copyright issues to info@trailblazerguide.com


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