Your Trailblazers

The Trailblazer Guide is currently an army of one. Maybe not for long tough – we are looking for collaborators and want to produce great content for all continents without forgetting the islands and ocean. Interested?

OK, so without further ado, your first trailblazer:


Franz Fuls

Born 1975, Franz is an industrial engineer, environmental writer and adventurer. His primary focus is on rock climbing and white water kayaking. As a schoolkid growing up on a farm on the border with Swaziland he used his weekends to pull vanishing acts into the mountains. He already blazed the following trails: Batwa Valley (boulder crag close to Ermelo), Assegaai River Exploration in search of whitewater, and in the ’80s he did the first descent on the upper queens river by tube. His current ambitions include a source to sea of the Vaal River during which he hopes to collect water quality samples for science and conservation. Franz is a founding member of the Ermelo Mountain Club and the Assegaai Paddlers Collective.

Recent Ad-Hoc Trailblazers:

Jonathan Jubber: Mountain Guide, Kayaker, Adventurer and Philosopher

Jurie Pohl: Trekker, Climber, Trail Runner, Rescue Diver.

Devon Flanagan: Adventure guide, white water kayaker, rock climber, Expeditioneer.

Delaney Carpenter: South Africa. Rock Climber, Climbing Community Organiser, Rock Chicks Founder.


3 comments on “Your Trailblazers

  1. Hey There
    Awesome meeting you and great site(can see it’s going to keep me occupied for a while..thanks for the follow as well.
    Looking forward to getting together again soon.

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